Alcantara® is a unique and innovative cover material entirely made in Italy. Our innate Italian-ness is one of our most essential qualities and all processing phases are carried out at the Nera Montoro plant in the heart of Umbria using our cutting-edge technology.
Sensory qualities, aesthetics, functionality and sustainability are the primary features of an unparalleled product indicative of an informed, contemporary lifestyle. Alcantara is able to make every surface truly extraordinary.


Alcantara has a constant focus on the environment, as underlined by the continuous processes to improve the company and the numerous certifications it has been awarded.


Alcantara®is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A. That little ® carries great value. It indicates the quality of the material, the advantages it offers and the uniqueness of a peerless brand.

— Automotive

Due to its recognized elegant and sporty design, Alcantara® has managed to work with the world’s most iconic cars, establishing itself as the ideal partner to turn car interiors into exclusive and special environments, always ensuring full compliance with the strictest industry standards and excellent technical performance in terms of grip, breathability, resistance, softness, light fastness and many other indicators.

In addition, due to its versatility, Alcantara® permits a high degree of product customization and thus a clear distinction of the car model and version for which it is selected. The advanced technological processes developed by the brand’s innovative R&D Centre enable Alcantara to continue to reinvent and remould itself into the most exclusive and original shapes, in the continual search for tailor-made solution that offer beauty, design and sensoriality, but still enhancing the vehicle’s intrinsically “racing” spirit through grip and reduced weight.
Finally, a distinguishing element is the brand: the realization of its full potential is an objective shared by Alcantara S.p.A. and the top car brands.


Alcantara®is a material that is very easy to clean and maintain. In order to preserve the beauty and freshness of Alcantara it is sufficient to dust it and run a slightly moistened cotton cloth over it. In case of most localized stains, just lukewarm water and soap restore Alcantara to its factory condition. In the case of stubborn stains you can find detailed instructions on how to remove them on:

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